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of Earth
We're in the last month of 2009, just 30 days to the start of the 10s of the 3rd Millennium. In this 21st Century, with all our technology, we're still barbaric animals at heart, for racism dwells within many of us.

The following link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If you know about Gutter, then you'll know it mostly posts explicit sexual photos, everything from Edison Chen early in the year, to political ones like Elizabeth Wong (who you'd be surprised I have female friends asking me for her pics - so don't go auto-blaming guys).

This post isn't about showing NSFW content. It's about how a NSFW site can bring out something primal and dark and probably the root of all wars on this planet - when it's supposed to only bring out the primal of lust. So why is it such a dark issue instead? Because the site in question posted photos of a particular race, which many of the viewers have no liking towards - other than the fact they just don't like their skin colour.


Because it's darker.

The truth of the world is that most racists of the planet are born of fairer skin while the ones faced with racism are usually born darker. It's a basic human trait of believing purer is better and darker is evil. Hence, hate dark, but do indulge in dark things sometime for the excitement - you know, like dabbling in it for fun.

This automatically gives a fair race the illusion that they are better, with the ability to indulge if they wish, while the darker ones are born to be slaves and should never be equals or worse - be even superior. This can also be extended to men and women - and the reverse is just as worse, women wanting to rule men.

Is it probably no surprise the only people I know who admit to being racists are those of the fair skin.

However, it is good to know not all who are fair are racists - for if that were the case, then the dark ones have good reasons to hate all fair races. This issue bridges religions - I know fair Christians who are racists.

If you wish to speak of irony - how about the fact when fair ones are shocked their own fair race will cheat them, thinking only the dark races are capable? Yet this also works against dark races - who think their own dark races won't cheat them - when some do. End of the day, all humans are capable of anything within.

The folly is to think you can judge people by their skin colour and to equate light is good, dark is bad.

Oh and it gets political too - with mentions about how DAP should be for Chinese only. Yet you'll find many Chinese looking forward to Deepavali for Murukus and curries. How narrow-minded can we get? Or Indians who won't eat at Chinese stalls for no-idea-what reason. Or a Chinese friend who chided a fellow Chinese friend for wanting a Malaysia with only Chinese - is it any wonder why the Malays would get angered then?

Enough talk, see for yourself the commentary of the dark side of humanity, as we step into the next decade:

Racist Comments

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"... In addition, it was important that Pfizer's key message that the secret to sexual satisfaction was the hardness of erections came across strongly to the media..."

Interesting isn't it?

That it was important that their key message to the public is that the secret to your satisfaction was relying on their drug.

That to be happy, you need their drug. This makes them rich, while it makes you poor - by illusion.

But that's not the truth is it? Of course not - who needs to pay someone to deliver a message which tells you that if you already know it's true?

But the world doesn't like to listen to truth. They love their lies. For their lies makes them happy for ignorance is bliss. Lies can make you feel anything you want to feel - nevermind if it's right or good for you - as long it feels good, it must be good! Simple thinking. We have minds we do not use. Then we wonder why people use us - is it any wonder? If you're not using it, then someone else will use it for their benefit.

To the Mayans, the world is an illlusion - they got that right. Thousands of years ago.


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Don't understand what's the above about? If you're not a Malaysian, watch the below.

Yes, today's the Independence Day of this country Malaysia, but perhaps for the first time in our modern history, Merdeka (Independence) Day, our National Day, will be a Black Monday. For the first time, Malaysians are NOT going to celebrate their country's day, and let the ruling Government celebrate it instead as THEY want it, and of all places, at OUR Parliament, when we have almost always celebrated it at our Dataran Merdeka, or Independence Square.

It's not to far to say that the reason the Government is celebrating Merdeka at our Parliament is because it's the Government's way of saying they have taken Independence from the Rakyat (People), by taking control of THEIR Parliament.

1Malaysia is the Government's campaign they paid an international Public Relations company (APCO) to come up with to convince the public the Government cares for them - when in actuality, Malaysians know the Government does not.

1 Black Malaysia is what the Rakyat feels this 2009 Merdeka is and may it go down in this nation's history of our Black Monday.

Thanks for the music, Michael.

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Michael Jackson

I was searching my computer for any Michael Jackson songs - otherwise I'll have to go on a search and download spree of selected MJ songs that appeals to me (that's why I rarely buy music albums in general).

Lo and behold, there's only a single MJ song on my PC - the one playing right now.

How ironic is that?

"...Someone tell me why
Did you have to go
And leave my world so cold...

...Though you're far away
I am here to stay...

...Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart..."

You were THE Icon of an Era. The Awesome 80's. You took it with you when you left. You showed people it was OK to be yourself. Even if it means being a child at heart. For that, you'll be remembered. We were all once kids anyway. Heck, you're the reason why I still like Chocolate Milk and LEGO - even while I pay the bills and manage people in a company. That should silence the adults who thought "irresponsible adult thinks the world owes you a living!"

The world's evils are from adults having their childhood robbed. If you don't agree, you've probably been hardened by the world and are one of those children.

The world isn't in mourning for the lost of an adult. They've lost a child. With that, they've also lost their childhood.

You know what's weird? I wrote about you 2 months ago. Who'd guess I'll be writing your farewell 2 months later. Yet you told us see you in July. You never made it to July for your Final Show. Beautifully done. Quit now while you're ahead.

Rest In Peace which you so rightfully deserve. Forever.

"My real goal is to fulfill God's purpose. I didn't choose to sing or dance, but that's my role, and I want to do it better than anyone else. It's beautiful at the shows when people join together. It's our own little world. For that time, we try to show there is hope and goodness." - Michael Jackson, 1981.

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"I can't believe it! You're telling me you're doing this just because almost everyone else is doing it too?"
Of course. Why not?
"If everyone jumped off a cliff, are you going to jump off too?"
But everyone isn't jumping off a cliff.
"...but what if they did?"
That is out of the question. The fact is people aren't jumping off a cliff. You're trying to compare fact with fiction.

Hence...the argument that sometimes you should follow others is perfectly justified.

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This is just too cute to resist! :D


If you can't read the text in the comic, just click on it to open the actual size in a new window/tab

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Rapid KL bus

Today's my first experience of Malaysian buses which finally comes of age. They may have been for sometime, but only today did I actually experience it - and I have to say, it really impresses me.

What I mean is that the busses have wheelchair ramps for the disabled (spot the sticker and concealed ramp under the doors), and to my surprise, LCD TV flat-panel screens in the busses! I've seen them earlier in Taipei, Tokyo, and Singapore, but to see them here, you have to say, finally, Malaysian buses comes of age. News feed, ads, etc...

Rapid, the Government-run public transportation system has really leaped bounds over previously privatised-run companies. This isn't surprising as big cities have their transportation system run as a utility service by the Government instead of as a business which makes profit. The transportation has to serve the public to be of any use in easing jams.

The earlier-introduced LED rolling signs already brought the buses up a notch, but they're really pulling out all the stops with all the extras thrown in. Sure, for you 'rich' folk who can afford cars, you might not care about busses, but there are a lot of people who can't afford one, and to them, an efficient public transportation system matters, over mouldy old buses run by the corrupt Metrobus company.

To immigrants coming here to work and live, they must feel like we do when we go to other countries last time and admired their public transportation system - or how if we go Tokyo now we'll be amazed by their train system. Cool air-con on a hot day, Touch-N-Go RFID sensor tags for cash-less travelling, and RM1 or 2 per day unlimited rides on any Zone busses means you can travel the whole Klang Valley just hopping from Zone bus to Zone bus.

In case you don't know, Rapid KL has E (Express) in Yellow, U (Utama = Trunk) in Blue, and T (Tempatan = Local) in Green. The E buses run non-stop from city to city, while the U buses ply the main routes, and the T buses only serve the local areas. There're also the B (Bandaraya = City) Red busses which are confined only to the city.

For some poor people, I can really see the joy in them when they find out they only have to spend RM2 per day to go from 1Utama to MidValley to Pyramid to KL, since they can just hop along the U busses with 1 ticket!

If you get a monthly pass, on weekends and public holidays, your spouse and up to 4 kids under 15 can travel for free.

Yeah, we can enjoy our personal busses in our cars now that we're 'rich', but many years ago, we too once took busses like the people do now. What we would do if we could go back in time and enjoy the modern busses of today back then.

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You know that song "I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror..."?

Yeah, the one by Whacko Jacko (although I personally, and some others I know, would not call him that, simply because he's eccentric, and 'normal' people have a problem with people who think differently).

Sometimes I think, the people who make fun of him should be the ones who actually listen to the lyrics of that song.

You know why?

Because it's usually the normal people who are the ones who make the biggest fuss about things and do nothing much about it. They're what someone told me a long time ago, "the powerless people". They have no personal power, and so they complain about things and people around them - instead of doing something constructive, like shutting the hell up and solving the problems themselves. They're the people who deserve to be led as sheep (baa...), because they are unable to lead on their own, and frankly, they like being bossed :p

Now there's nothing wrong about people being like that...otherwise you won't have a workforce...but won't it be nice if the workforce was self-driven? Cool right? Everybody knows what to do...things get done...not just wait there to be told and then only they start to move...

End of the day, no one should be blamed for anything, because you have the power to change your life, if you want to, but it has got to start from you. You know the adage...you can bring a horsie to the water...but you can't drown it...well you can...but you can't force it to drink...

So this is yet another friendly community reminder to everyone reading this...if all you do is complain about stuff...and you do nothing on your own to improve things...then this is for you...get off your bloody lazy arse...and do something...then by all means...moan about the rest of humanity who doesn't...just like what i'm doing now :)

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Lim Kok Wing Institute of Creative Technology (LICT) student drivers apparently don't really know how to drive:

LICT driver

LICT sticker

If you notice, there's only ONE lane at the traffic light junction, and you're not supposed to be driving on the striped zone. That's the reason WHY the area is striped as such. No P (Probation) driving sticker either - so the driver SHOULD know the driving laws by now!

Malaysians can oust their own Government out - but they still don't know how to drive :p

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Malaysian flag

As much as Malaysians want to be proud of the country, there are time we just can't be. Many Malaysians are patriotic, they love their country - but it's usually the Government which brings them down (it can be the same for other countries, but due to our short half-century of independence, we lack a deep culture, and so much depends on the Government).

So it's a good day when Malaysians woke up to a new change in the recent 12th General Elections held on 8th March 2008. The nearly 50-year domination by the National Front (Barisan Nasional) party was rocked when the 3 major races of Malays, Chinese, and Indians left and joined rival parties PAS, DAP, and PKR. As a result, 5 states were lost by the ruling party, including the Federal Territory and Capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Perhaps most welcomed was the news that the dominant party lost 2/3rds of the Parliament, thereby securing the Malaysian Constitution from ever being changed again without the opposition agreeing. For the first time since Independence, Malaysians have risen up and spoken in One Voice.

Malaysians were not afraid of voting for people who may not be able to govern well - they were willing to take that risk for the sake of their country. That's sacrifice.

All fears of the racial riots of 13th May 1969 happening again with the overthrowing of the Government were wiped out when their own race deserted them to unite with other races under opposing parties. It is a day to remember. It will go down the annals of this country's history as the first major showcase of unity and a desire to bring about a true democratic and just Government by the People and for the People. It's a model that the races of this nation love their country and they won't let anyone tell them otherwise how their country should be run, not even the Government.

It is good to see when the people themselves rise to stake their own claim over their country. When the Government themselves can be shocked by the people. To see people having more power than the Government, and the Government accepts the choice of the people. It's awe-inspiring.

Today, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

Today, I'm proud I didn't leave this country for another.

Today, I'm proud I stuck to this country, believing it's possible to turn it around.

Today, I'm proud my fellow Malaysians took the power of voting that's their Constitutional birthright, and used it against their Government.

Today, I'm proud to stay in this country and watch it rise to power by the people, who are committed to revive this country into something more.

If you have voted, thank for you exercising your given right and showing what power every single Malaysian has in their hands. It's your country.

For decades, our parents and their parents could only watch as the country fell. But today, their world is shaken as they see the power of youth rising to claim their very own country for themselves - and the generations to come. Fight for your country. You were born here. This is your land.

Miracles happen. You cannot fool the public forever. The Internet is there. Educate yourself. Seek the Truth. Know your rights. Demand justice.

Take this country and make it the nation you want it to be. We are very fortunate we are not burdened with centuries of cultures that can't be changed. We're a young nation. We have the chance to shape our future. The power is now in the hands of the people. Show the world what Malaysians can truly do. We have the advantage of a multi-racial nation which can pit the best of each other to create something unique. Use it.

To all those who wouldn't believe this day will ever come - Believe it. It's here. It's real. What will happen at the 13th election in 2012/2013?

Perhaps all that we wish dearly of our country will come true that day. Today has given us hope. Malaysians have no reasons to be doubtful anymore.

Negaraku. Your Country. Your Nation. Your Land. It Belongs to the People. It belongs to You.

If you couldn't vote this time, please, register to vote in the 13th election. I know I will. Will you? YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Today's change would not have been possible if Malaysians gave up. If today has shown anything, is that anything is possible if people just put their minds to it. If you can't vote, then pray for those who can. We have the power to change things if we only exercise what's given to us.

Malaysian flag pix credit goes to Eric Teoh (www.flickr.com/photos/ericteoh/231823932/)

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There are some who say pity the women involved in Edison's Chen's sex scandal, for having their lives ruined. I say there's nothing to pity about them because this is a classic case of people who have no idea about technology, and expect technology to cater to their needs. Sorry, but this is the era of technology if you didn't realise by now. Our WHOLE world RUNS on technology. It's a NEED, not a luxury. You NEED to KNOW HOW to use technology - or technology will make use of YOU.

Technology is a tool, it's not a servant. All tools can be used for good or bad. If you want to be safe, understand technology, not take it for granted, because there will be people who KNOW about technology and will use it against you if you're ignorant.

It's not just about private pictures, it's about how your Visa Wave card can be hacked because you don't know how wireless works. You may think it's cool to just wave your care and do your business but you know NOTHING about how it works.

It's about how your neighbours can browse and connect to your wireless broadband service because you didn't secure it, slowing down your Internet access - and getting online for free while you pay for it.

It's about how your Bluetooth on your phone can be hacked into just because you forgot to turn it off.

It's about how you stupidly click on a link in your computer and it loads a virus crippling your computer.

It's about how you ignorantly do not understand how file extensions work and how they can be masked by Windows's friendliness, fooling you into not realising the difference between a worm and a real file.

It's about how you can willingly give your password to emails which ask you for it without checking if the IP addresses match.

It's about how you don't know that some programs come configured wrongly that they can be taken advantage of by hackers.

It's about how you're not aware of social engineering on the Internet and how it can fool you into doing something wrong.

It's about how you don't know the difference between a Windows dialog box and one that appears on the Web to trick you.

It's about how you think all anti-spyware is out to help you not realising there are anti-spyware which do the exact opposite.

It's about how you don't know people can take control of your desktop, view your files, copy it, and get away with it.

It's about how even if you format a drive, you can still retrieve data from it.

So I say, those who fall prey to victim of technology DESERVE IT. You put your faith into something you know NOTHING about, and you expect it to serve you? Who do you think you are? Those who spent YEARS understanding technology themselves have to keep up with new technology, and you just come along with hardly any knowledge and expect to be pitied upon? Technology is a NEED in today's world.


Or face the consequences.

Don't expect those who know about technology to help you out. They spent their time and effort learning - what about you?

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At 30 I discovered how the world works...


...at 20 I discovered how the world really works.

"i don't know a lot of things i'm supposed to know, but i know a lot of things i'm not supposed to know."

Yet they ask me how do I live by not playing the rules.

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By the way, The Golden Compass actually refers to another type of compass - not the compass the movie is known for. That's why the book is also known by its other name - The Northern Lights. The actual golden compass it's refering to is from John Milton's Paradise Lost, where it refers to the drawing instrument:

Golden Compass

No prizes for guessing who's using the compass...

Anyway, it's interesting - though not surprising - to find Christian friends who are scared to watch the movie simply because of what they've heard. A movie can't change your faith...unless your beliefs aren't that strong in the first place. In which case, you should be spending time on your faith instead of just being 'faithful' when you're not actually very much at all. Granted maybe you know your faith is weak (hence why I said earlier it's not surprising), and you want to stay away from anything which might deviate you, but that means all the more you should actually be doing something about it rather than just live in fear that a movie can change your belief system. For if just a movie can change your faith, then you're really living on some rocky faith. You're not actually doing justice to your faith at all.

I must add that if that is the state of your faith, then you have more bigger things to worry about than a movie. For when the shit hits the fan, so to speak, then you know what they say, that's when you seperate the fakes from the believers.

Anyway, isn't it interesting that for all the hype the movie is generating about being anti-Christian/God, the Golden Compass actually refers to the instrument God uses for Creation.

Amusing isn't it?

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if you don't get it, post a comment and i'll explain.

oh, but...if i have to explain, this comic probably isn't for you

p.s. you know it's funny, i have christian friends who have watched narnia, and didn't even know the parables...

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Looking back at my past entries, I have to say things were really different back then...or were they?

When we're younger, we're easily fascinated by an amazing array of things. There is much we have yet to know, and so the discovery process is an intriguing one.

As we get older, the realities of life begin to unfold before you and two things usually happen:

1) You realised whatever you've spent learning was utterly useless and you adopt the Real World understanding and live the rest of your life like a clockwork (orange? heh heh...sorry, couldn't resist that!)

2) You understand how the 'game' is played - and you play along - but you retain what you knew about the world when you were young and you carry it with you till the end.

A lot of adults adopt the 1st approach (and it's no wonder many are jaded by the mundane life and look to entertainment to drug them numb). But, there are adults who adopt the 2nd portion too. You know these people. They're the crazy ones. They never really grew up. They know that there's something more to life than just paying the bills.

You have but one life (please no jokes about reincarnation - the fact remains for NOW you're alive is this life so let's concern ourselves with the here and now). You should make it count - while you're paying the bills. I mean, heck if you want to be a drone by all means go ahead. But for gosh sakes, there's nothing stopping you from being that goggle-eyed teen that you were back then...so amazed by the things you were discovering about the world. There's so many facets to this world - don't stop with the mentioned only.

What if history wasn't what you thought it was? What if it was rewritten for some purpose? Interesting eh? I mean don't take it to heart until you go on some paranoia spree about how the past was a just a big fat lie - but it's a good idea to consider no? The heck with the PR stance you're supposed to potray as an adult once you know how you're supposed to play the game of life - get some break time on your own and break the rules of reality.

No, seriously. We have too many deranged adults running the world - we need more of those who run the world WHILE being a kid at heart. C'mon, you're never too old :)

Betcha the pyramids were docking bases for starships i tell ya...no seriously...and the truth had to be rewritten so people type number 1 type won't freak out :p Eh? Eh? ;)

Oh come on now...you really think Calvin is just a 6-year old? He's an adult Bill Waterson with a kid at heart...

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The Truth is that everyone loves music - but what's the secret behind it?

It can almost be said that music is the universal thing that unites people together - and ranks right on top of the number one interest of everyone. If the Sony Walkman, iPod, and MP3 players have shown anything, it's that music continues to live in the digital age, and the digital age brings music into the next generation. But have you ever wondered why music is so popular?

In the recent movie I Am Legend, Will Smith's character, Robert Neville, mentions how Bob Marley "...believed that you could cure racism and hate... literally cure it, by injecting music and love into people's lives. When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally, a gunman came to his house and shot him down. Two days later he walked out on that stage and sang. When they asked him why, he said - The people, who were trying to make this world worse...are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness."

How can music be so powerful? It's really simple. Music is vibration of sounds. Sounds are nothing more than vibrations, resonances, if you will. We can hear but only a fraction (the 20Hertz to 20KiloHertz range). Yet there are so many other vibrations which we can't hear - but are important. From vibrations in atoms in solids, liquids, and air which give their properties of being what they are - to how dogs can hear sounds we can't. So if you'd notice, the world is built by vibrations - and the vibrations are what keep the world together (if solids did not vibrate the way they do, they'll turn into liquids). In music, the vibrations are what 'tune us' with it - that's why some people can't stand heavy metal while others hate classical instrumentals. So music is nothing more than vibrations which match us - and so that's why we love music that appeal to us. Some music are just universal (like drum beats) that we all can match with it because it connects with a part of us with their vibrations.

Each time we connect with music, we're connecting to a part of the world - and that connection is what everyone yearns for - to be connected to something. So your life has some meaning, that you're a part of something bigger - and in this case, it's the whole universe and you're 'vibrating' with a part of it.

If you think this is too scientific, then if you refer to religion, many religions practice vibrations in their own way to be "at one with the universe/God". From the "Om" (which a form can be found in the start sound of an Apple Macintosh computer), to magickal angelical practice where people call upon the angels by vibrating sounds to connect with them, right up to speaking in tongues.

Music rocks your world because it's part of the universe and it rocks to connect with everything and everyone.

So play on Bob Marley...vibrate your idea that we should keep on making this world a better place by curing racism and hate by using music and love.

P.S. Ever noticed how women love men who play music and ever wondered why? *wink* *wink*

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When certain guys are called nerds - or dweebs - by some women, they're not really such negative labels. They're given a negative label by those women because it breaches into the survival of those women.

Think about it. When such guys aren't interested in those women - the existence of these women are at stake.

It's a case of, what does it mean to be a woman if guys don't want you?

Not all women see their existence as being more than just wanted by men - many women (and men) are oblivious to the purpose of their existence.

After all, have you ever heard of men calling some men nerds or dweebs?

Amusing isn't it?

It's probably a good thing then that as more guys turn 'geeky-like', more women are beginning to see themselves more than just being wanted by men.

Maybe by then humanity will realise we have more worth to ourselves than being merely there for a specific purpose. Then people will begin finding more meaning in their lives. We're capable of far much more than just a few basic things. There are many unexplored capabilities of humanity - and I'm not talking about existing known capabilities. I'm not talking about new ideas. I'm not talking about new discoveries. Yes those are a part of it, but I'm talking about existing capabilities which we already have - but because we don't think about it - we don't realise it. See if you'll discover it.

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Ya know...many people (those who do anyway) hate George Bush.

Yet, do they realise that by he being who he is, he has either directly or indirectly, managed to make people who couldn't and didn't give a damn earlier, about either the United States or the World, now stand up and pay attention?

Think about it, before this, many 'Americans' didn't care about the rest of the world - or their own country for that matter. However, when push came to shove, slowly they begin to take notice.

It's the same with Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code book.

While many Christians hate him - he has also managed to make many Christians take up an extra interest in their own faith which they took for granted before. In fact, that's exactly what he said - that what he wrote may or may not be true, but one thing he knows for certain is that it will make believers take up interest and get to know their faith better.

Isn't that always the case? What we think as evil isn't actually evil - it's just our perception of it. Evil is something you cannot accept - but it doesn't mean that it's bad or wrong. It just means you don't understand it - so yeah, you could say, you're stupid :p

To a stupid person, everything is evil (hence the common idea that so-called evil people are usually stupid as well - just look at George with all the jokes about how he makes mistakes!)

Yet, at the end of the day, sometimes it's the stupid and hence 'evil' people, are the ones who make others move ahead. When you consider even non-evil people like Gandhi made people move (although he would probably be seen as evil by those who hated him), then you can see that there's no such thing as good and evil people - nor stupid or smart.

Everyone is just as is - some of us know more of certain things than another - so that only means we're smart in that area - we can't know everything! We all do what we know and end of the day, everyone sooner or later helps others - regardless if you realise it or not! :)

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Space Money

Universal Intergalactic Denomination to be precise. Quasi since it's not really that "universal" and "intergalactic" - only WE claim it to be since we've yet to meet aliens :p


But seriously...it's cool...Space Money! Designed for upcoming space tourists when space hotels start popping up. Come on, you had to see this coming - as much as you'd like to think all these are just science fiction. What once was sci-fi is now real - didn't the Apple iPhone look like sci-fi a few years ago but now it's cool?

Come on, it's the typical human response to change - deny it until it becomes accepted then it's welcomed.

So, guess you'll think a holiday on Mars is too far-fetched for now eh? Bet you'll be eating your words when your children go there. After all, don't you have a mobile phone with you? I suppose our ancestors would have thought of it as some crazy sci-fi toy eh?

Open your mind to possibilities. Humans have one of the biggest - if not biggest - brains compared to other animals - and we only use a small percentage of it. Guess what the rest is for.

Oh and if you wanna buy Space Money, the exchange rate is RM43 for 1 Intergalactic. Well, nobody said space was cheap...what...you think you just fly there?

Major Troll, that's one small step towards Tachyon again :) I'll be smiling and laughing at you one fine day when you have long forgotten your remark to me ;)

You forget one very crucial element:

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Me: "Why do a lot of depressive and pessimistic people come and whine to me?"
Voice: "They're looking to you for hope of a solution because you are optimistic and hopeful."

Me: "Oh. Why are they so down all the time?"
Voice: "They don't learn how to learn from their sufferings."

Me: "Oh. So I've gone thru a lot of sufferings and learnt good lessons from it?"
Voice: "You know it."

Me: "Why don't they learn from their sufferings too?"
Voice: "They must want to learn from it."

Me: "Why don't they?"
Voice: "They don't exercise that choice."

Me: "Why don't they?"
Voice: "That is their choice."

Me: "Ah."

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When I read a few days ago that someone wanted to sue God, I was thinking that was a pointless legal issue since it's not going to solve anything obviously.

However, thumbs up to the person who replied on God's behalf to make a mockery of the person who was suing God - I mean, really, what did you think you were going to achive? :D

God in the News

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...how we try out best to stay healthy (well those who do anyway)...

...but comment how "only the good die young"?

So...it's a BAD thing to live long by staying healthy? ;p

Sorry...couldn't resist it...by now those who know me would know how i just simply LURVE poking fun at all the things we take for granted and never question :)

You know me...always rocking the boat...hehe.

Human beings are amazing creatures...they can be so hypocritical...until they're blind to it :D

Who can blame them? It's not easy maintaining a balance when there's no direction to reach it :P

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Gotta hand it to Cineleisure Damansara - or whoever else who was responsible for this idea for the movie Transformers:

Transformers Cineleisure

Looks like someone ignored the warning sign and parked their car anyway - can't blame Megatron for crushing it then ;p

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Racism only exists because we lack enough memory to remember that many things - so we simplify things.

Racism is just one of those things that we simplify so it's easier for us. There are others too, other "-isms". We may dislike american fast food for their oily fried style...but isn't our local fried food just as bad too? What do we call that? Foodism? :p

Racism is partly ignorance...but it's also partly because we cannot remember that many things to keep in mind not ALL are like a certain race.

It's the same reason why history repeats itself. We can't remember what happened a long time ago...so it happens again.

George Bush rise to power is pretty much the same way how Adolf Hitler did. Someone relatively unknown seemed to offer hope to the people of their nation...and so power was given to them...but power...like the One Ring in The Lord Of The Rings...corrupts people.

Both got active after an important symbol was damaged that could give them reason to do something - the burning of the German Parliment, and the destruction of the New York World Trade Center. Both attacks were suspiciously tied to the leaders as being the mastermind behind the attacks so they could rise to power. This is typical of someone with the desire to rule. It's happened in history many times before. We just forgot about it as each generation comes. It's even happened in fiction - Star Wars rise of the Emperor is based on the same concept. Plan something bad, offer to help, then rule. Tsk, tsk.

We have limited memory - make use of it to remember what's really important to you. Unlike computers, we can't upgrade.

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...since she was personally affected by this industry which claims to heal but actually injures. What else do you expect from an industry which makes money at the expense of the suffering of others? Or an industry which thinks it can solve almost any problem by science? Or an industry which thinks it knows almost everything?

To the psychiatric industry, there's always a disorder waiting to be solved. There's always a drug to solve a problem and there's always something wrong with you if it can be defined. The industry doesn't accept you for who you are - it says there's something wrong with you and unless you are cured, you are not fit for this world. Nevermind if you yourself feel you're fine and don't need their expert opinion - they are somehow more knowledgeable and feel they know you best. It doesn't mention about how you'll be addicted to their solutions because you need their drugs to solve your problem.

It has been mentioned before that there is a huge pharmaceutical conspiracy to convince people that they need medicine to survive. How many of us take supplements and vitamins everyday - yet do we need it? Do our food not contain vitamins already? Do we not realise that a body becomes addicted to substances given to it? That a body becomes weak when it's deprived of those substances? That we fall sick when we refrain from those substances SEEMS like we need them to survive when it's actually all just a BIG CON? Heck there've been movies made to highlight this worldwide hidden agenda!

If you think all these conspiracies are just tales, then what about the computer memory conspiracy which was exposed a few years ago which people thought was just a tale back then? We often think people in positions that are out to help us won't harm us - like the medical line. Yet, people are people, they're just trying to survive and if they have to kill others to survive, they will. As helpful in health this industry might seem it is, it's also just another business out to make money.

Does this mean we can't trust anyone? Not really...there are people who can be trusted and there are people who can't, but to make the assumption that a health industry is thinking of your welfare is an ignorant assumption. Understand that even the health industry is just out to make money - so before you believe what someone tells you because it seems like they should be out to take care of you - consider if you really need what's been offered by them. Likely you're fine yourself.

Science attempts to measure everything to determine what's normal and what's a disorder - but a disorder is relative. To be able to judge something absolutely because of the limited knowledge you have is utter arrogance. To think science knows everything is pompous and preposterous! Heck how many science answers have we revamped over time anyway? Putting your life in the hands of people who think they know everything is utterly ridiculous! Who are they to know who you are?

There are more than 6 billion people on the planet and everyone knows we're all different in some way. How can a research of not even 3 billion people ASSUME they know everyone else? When logic fails, use common sense. It makes the best sense!

Psychiatry Death Industry

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...if you want to admire people who would die for what they believed in...not knowing if what they died for would be in vain.

Though I doubt many would want to emulate what she did. You need to have absolute Faith to be who she was, and you need to have people around you which believed the same as well...or you might hurt them. Sometimes you may be willing to give up your life...but will people around you understand as well?

The good thing about her is that what she believed in came true...so while she died not knowing if her death would be of any use...after she died things did change...so maybe she knew what she was doing.

I guess that's what you call real Faith...when you believe in something so much, that you're willing to give up your life for it because you know it will be worth it.

Lot of debate scenes...don't watch if you're not into drama, even if it's a true story.

Sophie Scholl

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If you can't make a difference to the world, then at least make a difference to one person.

Then to that one person, you've made a difference to the world.

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Growing Pains is the term given to kids as they grow into teens...or teens as they grow into young adults...or if you really think about it...it can also apply to young adults growing into adults...

For some young adults, growing older can be just as scary as a teen growing into a young adult...the differences may be not alike...but it's still a part of growing up. In fact, it can be said each phase will always experience some sort of fear of growing up because...you simply have never experienced it before and now you're force to enter a realm you know nothing about.

It's like going for an exam and not studying for it simply because there is nothing you can study for it because life is unknown, as compared to exams. Although in some ways, life is like a real exam which tests to see how you handle things.

As the teen grows up to be a young adult and puts away teen things for more mature things...they also have to take on more responsibilities which are now vacant for them for the young adults before them need to move on to replace the adults beyond them.

It's likewise with the young adults beginning to run the world as the adults before them begin to start slowing down. Before they could let the adults run the world, but now with teens entering their phase...and the adults above them vacating...it's their turn to run the world...just as how the adults before them took their turn when the veterans even prior to them went to retire.

Life is all about cycles and each cycle lasts about a decade.

So if you're a kid entering the teens...say goodbye to certain things...but say hello to the place which the teens have left you to be in charge of...you need to take it up for they have to move to the young adults zone...just like how the teens have to say goodbye to what they'll be passing you...as they have to take up responsibilities of a young adult.

It doesn't stop there...the young adults have to pass their time to the teens coming up...as they begin to take their place in running the world which the adults before them are getting to retire from. It can be scary to close some doors...but the thing is...you never know what new doors will be opened by closing other doors :)

You could keep the same doors opened...for the sake of you're used to it already...but then you may never know what other doors you could be experiencing instead...just like how these doors that you've come to love...were originally doors you never knew existed before ;)

Change is hard...but...it's a part of growing up...these are Growing Pains ;p

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I wish more people have reasons to live...and I don't mean the typical single reasons to live...whether it's religion or love.

For then you risk living your life only for someone or something else - and not living a life that you wanted...but I guess that's hard to do unless you know why you're living for and what you want to do...and for most people...they are totally clueless in this department...simply because you have to find out to know...it's not just presented to you.

If you want it presented to you...just follow established rules...you know...like study to PhD...work in a career till you're at the top...marry...etc.

For many who lie in between...who don't want to follow standard rules...and don't want to search for their meaning in life either...then those maybe end up being the selfish ones who will do anything to survive...because their reason to live is just that - to live.

That's what I mean by I wish more people have reasons to live...that they find these reasons...it can be a combination...but living for just one thing risks you losing everything should that one thing fail.

It's too dangerous to live for just one thing.
It's too sad to live for just what's standard.
It's too selfish to live for just yourself.

Would be nice if more people lived for a few things in life...things which they thought about and not followed because everyone else did...then as a bonus, they won't be living just to survive either.

Maybe all we have to do is just spend some time alone thinking about things off and on...since we have the capability for it...but we rarely use it.

It's not that bad...those who don't spend time thinking...either destroy themselves...or allow themselves to be used by others...so in a way...your reason to live still exists...it just has no meaning to you.

The meaning of life is really simple...you just have to spend time off and on thinking about what things you want out of life which makes you happy...that's within your capability...if you think being rich makes you happy but you can't get there...you're not going anywhere :p

After all, that's what we're all here for...to just enjoy life :)

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This is a Community Service Message :)


Most people dislike them - heck, you know anyone who does?

But, it's in all our food - and dare we say, the best foods have fat in them? You know what they say - what tastes good is usually bad for us - fried chicken for example...oil and fats are related you know?

But some fats are good for us too - what, you think the insulation that you have in your body is made from rubber?

So, how do we know what's good and what's bad fat?

Well, recently there's been a lot of talk about how trans fat is bad for us. Trans fat is basically partially hydrogenated oil, found in products where manufacturers inject hydrogen into the oil to preserve it - baked goods, pastries, cookies, pizza crusts. So you're having products which claim to be "Trans Fat Free". However, if there's no trans fat - then what did they replace it with?

Some products replace it with saturated fat, which while isn't as bad as trans fat, is still bad nevertheless. If there's stuff like palm oil, coconut oil, butter, lard - it's saturated fat.

So what's good fat then? Unsaturated fat! Do I hear a duh?! :p

Unsaturated fat is found in olive oil, canola oil, and soya bean oil. In other words, chicken fried in any of these oils is basically...healthy :) It won't raise your cholesterol, unlike saturated fat, or worse, trans fat.

Unfortunately, like with all things, these unsaturated oils aren't cheap, so while KFC may not be frying chicken in olive/canola/soyabean oil anytime soon - at least you can look for products which use unsaturated fat :)

This has been a Community Service Message :D

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